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Maastricht, Holland

CAFE de Thailande connects students, scholars, and researchers in communication studies through discussions on research interests or search for answers. We encourage every participant to post the comments in casual style like chit-chatting in a coffee house.  

CAFE de Thailande differs from most Discussion Groups that one can post and read the posted message immediately. We, on the other hand, group messages that share the same interests together before posting on the CAFE menu page. Moreover, CAFE de Thailande encourage free speech. We honor our participants by publishing real names and e-mail addresses on the messages posted. This allows other readers to contact the persons directly if they doubt on the issue or search for certain answers.





SUBMISSIONS: Readers are encouraged to contribute abstracts, articles, book reviews, announcements, comments, questions, and discussion on all topics relating to the general area of human communication. There is no charge for posting announcements, but they will be posted one time only. Send submissions to <>

COPYRIGHT AND PERMISSIONS: Unless indicated in the text of an individual post, material distributed in CAFE de Thailand is understood to be available for redistribution by electronic or other means for noncommercial purposes. Requests for permission to reproduce a post for commercial purposes should be directed to the author of that post.

Editors: Pat Chatiketu <> and the CAFE Staff  
Copyright (c) 2000 by CAFE de Thailande
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